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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Listings in Directories to Help Promote Your Online Shop

Targeted handmade directories as well as general directories are another great way to promote your business. As I stated before, many of the social networking groups and some selling venues have directories where you can list your business, website, and online store.

Some directories offer just a listing with salient business information and others allow you to post photos of your work; it just depends on how the site is set up.

Specifically for jewelry artists, I am listed in the Home Based Jewelers Directory and also listed on their blog. I am also listed on Find It Handmade--a directory for all things handmade. I have listings at Luna Craft who offers free craft business, craft website, and craft blog listings.

As far as general directories, I am listed in the blog and Twitter directories of Loaded Web, which is a directory of businesses, blogs, and Twitter users as well as Twellow, the Twitter Yellow Pages.

I must confess I haven't committed to the task of sitting down and doing a search of possible directories...I simply sign up to those directories that I run across through researching or something catches my eye on Twitter or a blog. I do have a list of sites compiled that I gathered while browsing that I want to check out and use a litmus test of sorts...checking the last update, trying out a few links to see if the directory is up-to-date and worth listing my business there.

I know in the online marketing world, there is some debate as to whether directory listings are effective but I can only speak for my own results...and I must say that when I check Google Analytics, I receive referrals to my Etsy site and to my blog from the very targeted directories I am involved in.

So the choice is snowy day when you are stuck inside, this project might look good to you and ultimately help your business grow!

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