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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The New York International Gift Fair 2010

Last week I went to check out the New York International Gift Fair, a huge trade show held twice a year at the Javits Center.  My primary purpose was to see what's out there as far as jewelry and other gift products, make some connections with buyers interested in wholesaling my jewelry line, and just take in the show itself which is quite awesome!  There were so many wonderful artists!  Spent a lot of time in the Handmade Design section, which was new this year...many handmade artisans gathered in a large newly renovated part of Javits North.  As I reported in an earlier post, this year marked the 25th Anniversary of Handmade Design so it was very exciting to be a part of that!

Here's a small sampling of some of the interesting artisans that I met at the show!

GeoArt by Cynthia Gale

Had the pleasure of speaking with Cynthia and her lovely assistant and talked first hand with them both about the process behind the gorgeous handcrafted sterling silver jewelry designs!  Her enthusiasm for art, culture, and the work she is involved in was contagious!  In the artisan's own words:  "Our signature collections include licensing partnerships with over fifteen of the nation’s top museums and cultural institutions and the GeoArt by Cynthia Gale line has evolved from ideas reflecting the rich cultural diversity of New York City and Cynthia’s passion for it. The GeoArt philosophy is simple: to create exquisite, quality sterling silver jewelry designs inspired by art and the world around us."

 Silver Spoon Jewelry
Jennifer Northup, founder of Silver Spoon Jewelry, has always had a lifelong fascination with antiques and vintage jewelry. Following the inheritance of her great grandmother's silverware collection, Jennifer and her husband Daniel were inspired to design a line of jewelry and accessories based on heirloom patterns from the late 1800s to early 1900s.  Silver Spoon Jewelry can be found in gift stores, galleries and boutiques throughout the United States and in several countries around the world. This unique line continues to bring the elegance of the past to our modern times.
I didn't get to meet Jen but talked with her very proud dad about her process and it is amazing the full line of gorgeous jewelry she has created using these gorgeous silver spoons!!
I really loved this booth!  Although I didn't meet Jim and Tori, I heard their story and you can read it more in detail on their website!  The met in the mid eighties and shared the same interest in old watches, jewelry and antiques.  Their work is a little bit steampunk because of their combined passions.  They sell jewelry, song birds, mirrors, and boxes and all their designs have a wonderful old world feel to them!  They have a fully downloadable catalog and there's a list on their site for all the locations you can find their items!
Jamie Harris Studio
I was totally in awe of this talented glass artist!  His work was nothing short of spectacular!  In the artist's own words: "I am a glass artist and designer living in New York City. A graduate of Brown University, I have studied at some of the most prestigious glass schools in the country: The Pilchuck Glass School, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Penland School of Crafts, the Haystack School, and the Corning Museum of Glass. I have also studied with many of the most renowned glass artists in the world, including Dante Marioni, Josiah McElheny, Benjamin Moore, Kathy Eliot and Ben Edols.  My work has long been distinguished by my unique and painterly use of color and design. My sculpture has been widely praised, and is carried by a select group of exclusive galleries. My line of exclusive tabletop items brings my unique sense of design to the marketplace, and is available worldwide at select stores."

Solmate Socks
This Vermont based company make all their products domestically, from spinning to dyeing to knitting.  Solmate socks are knit from recycled cotton yarns, which are created by grinding down and re-spinning scraps from the production of other cotton products, mainly t-shirts.  The varied color palettes of Solmate socks are inspired by and named for aspects of their surrounding Vermont landscape, e.g. Daffodil, Covered Bridges, and October Morning. The left and right socks share the same color scheme but never match.  Solmate's motto: "Life is too short for matching socks."

And there was so, so, so much more!!  Candles, soap, bath products, leather, handbags...the list goes on and on!  I'll have to show you some more as time goes on!

I came home with renewed spirit in the handmade industry because everyone I met was as warm and generous as all the people I've met through Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, and social communities.  And it gave me a renewed sense of pride in all of us hardworking individuals who put our heads down, work hard, and create!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Indie Junction's Featured Artisans for the Week of August 29th!!

Let's close out August with some noise...give a round of applause for this week's fabulous Indie Junction Artisans:   Speranza Jewelry, Tattoo Mike, and Stitch*n*Tyme!!

Let's start with Lisa from Speranza Jewelry!  From modern eclectic to shabby chic, you'll find handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings here that have been made with loving attention to detail.  In the artist's own words:  "I am a part-time jewelry maker based in Annapolis, Maryland. By day I work for a television news agency in Washington, D.C. But during evenings and weekends, I spend my time immersed in color and form in the small corner of my home I call my jewelry studio.  My little tabletop studio has become a place of refuge from the digital images and rhetoric of Washington politics. As Pablo Picasso said, 'The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.'  When I sit down to work with gemstones and metal, it quiets my mind and reminds me that in a world fraught with conflict, art can be a universal language and a bridge between cultures.  Art gives us hope for the future. Hence the name 'Speranza,' which means 'hope' in Italian."

Places to Find Speranza Jewelry:
Now let's take a peek at the wonderful jewelry you will find at Speranza Jewelry!!
Our next Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Tattoo Mike where you will find Mike's original artwork and tattoo art as well as the work of other featured artists.  The work you will find there by Mike and the guest artists is quite incredible so you owe it to yourself to check it out.  In the artist's own words: "I am an artist. I love to draw and tattoo. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I work mainly with pencil and pen. Also colored pencil and I sometimes paint. I have been a professional tattoo artist for the past 8 years."  A special shout out to Mike for putting an Indie Junction link on his site as well as links to a few of his favorite Indie Junction artisans!!
Now let's take a look at the incredible artwork of Tattoo Mike!!

Our third Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Stitch*n*Tyme where you will find fabric flower hair clips, bookmarks, pincushions, upcycled rag coasters and various other handcrafted goodies.  In the artist's own words: "I am an artisan living in Arizona, the wild, wild West. I started my home based business in 2006 and found the courage to take it on line in 2007.  In my prior life I was a numbers cruncher for 25 years. Loved what I did, but I always loved working with my hands in various mediums. Sewing, cross stitch, painting (which I took up about four years ago), working with polymer clay and embroidery. I find working with different mediums so exciting!  Besides my business, I have several passions in my life. My granddaughters, four of them! My three grown children, my two gorgeous dogs, Sierra, a Chow, Black Lab mix and Beau Cymba Deuce, a gorgeous Golden Retriever and sometimes my husband (ha!). I am a life long resident of Arizona, UGH!"
Places to find Stitch n Tyme:
And now let's take a peek at what you will find in this beautiful shop!

We hope you have enjoyed this week's featured Indie Junction Artisans!  Indie Junction is a wonderful community that brings together artisans from across all mediums in the spirit of collaboration, support and growth.  For more information about Indie Junction, please go here!  We'll be waiting for you!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Made A Treasury of Indie Junction Artisans!

Indie Junction Shows Their Reds!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Indie Junction Featured Artisans for the Week of August 22nd!!

This week we have some marvelous Indie Junction Artisans to show you.  Hands in the air for Marie from Superior Agates, Mary from Maggie's Raggedy Inn and Country Gift Shop, and Vickie from Hoddley Poddley!!
Let's start with Marie from Superior Agates, where you will find Unique Handmade Wire Wrapped Gem stone Jewelry from Lake Superior Agates and other gem stones.  In the artist's own words: "All of the gemstone you find in my shop are unique, and cannot be reproduced. They are chosen with the utmost care, making sure you recieve a quality gem stone. Each wire wrap is created individually, they are all different in their own ways, and made according to how the stone "speaks" to me at the time.   Each pendant is created in a unique wire wrapping fashion, set at an affordable price, and made with genuine, quality, one of a kind gem stones, and wrapped in pure sterling silver, gold fill, brass, or copper wire. Making a quality piece of jewelry, at a price you can afford to pay.   Each and every Lake Superior Agate is different, and each of these shown was found by me, right in my back yard! Lake Superior Agates are among the most sought after stones with collectors, because of their age, and timeless beauty.  Finding quality Lake Superior agates is not an easy task, there is a reason they are called the elusive agate!
"Mystical Properties:
Agate is said to enhance one's perceptiveness and to stimulate analytical capacity, and to provide balance between one's physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual states. Agate is also said to alleviate hostilities and promote goodwill. Agate is believed to help discern truth, accept circumstances, and is a powerful emotional healer. Legend says that Agate improves memory and concentration, increases stamina and encourages honesty.
It is believed to prevent insomnia and ensure pleasant dreams, to enhance personal courage and protect one against danger. Agate provides a calming influence, improves perception, concentration and helps to develop and increase one's analytical talents.
You should also know that, if you have a favorite stone that you'd like to have wrapped, I can do that as well!"
Places to Find Superior Agates:
Now, what you've been waiting for...some of the wonderful work you will find at Superior Agates!

Our next Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Mary from Maggie's Raggedy Inn and Country Gift Shop, a unique country gift shop where you will find dolls, books, knitted items and more   In the artisan's own words: "I am a story teller at heart so to stir up your imagination please enter my little world of creation...Imagine yourself standing in front of an old wood frame house with a huge wrap around veranda. You can see that the building has been newly painted and fixed up. There are flower beds everywhere and you see a weather beaten stone path leading up to the front door. There are two cats waiting to greet you at the front door, hoping of course you will let them in and to where they can find a hiding place to sleep the day away.  Come on in to this little country gift shop where you will find many different and interesting things that are all handmade by me, here at the Inn. Surely there will be one or two things that will not be able to leave without. Take your time and have fun looking around!  I am a very busy girl who has always had the need to make things. I love to make dolls, snowmen, cats and other little characters. I am amazed that with just a few hours of work, a bit of material and thread can turn into a little person with a character of its own. I also love write stories and knit slippers and other things. I think wool is fascinating and I have a large stash of yarn and recycled sweaters I am like a child with a new box of crayons whenever I look at all the colours and imagine the possibilities."
Places to find Maggie's Raggedy Inn:
Now let's take a look at some of the wonderful things you will discover inside Maggie's Raggedy Inn!

Our third featured Indie Junction artisan is Vickie from Hoddley Poddley where you will find art prints and tee shirts for kids and adults!  In the artist's own words: "I still remember every piece of art that my parents put up in my house... My prints would be honored to cheer up any sad little blank walls in your place.  I have enjoyed illustrating over 20 children's books, including the award winning 'One Hundred Million Reasons for Owning an Elephant.'  I hope my work will inspire a new generation of little artists."  Don't forget to follow Hoddley Poddley's wonderful blog!
Now let's take a peek at some of the beautiful work you will find at Hoddley Poddley!!
We hope you have enjoyed this week's featured Indie Junction Artisans!  Indie Junction is a wonderful community that brings together artisans from across all mediums in the spirit of collaboration, support and growth.  Indie Junction's new home is coming up on two months old!  Due to changes within Ning and incredible growth of our community, we have moved to a brand new home!  Many thanks to the design team of Nicky (co-owner) and her husband Steph for creating a wonderful site for all of our members!  With this new site we can not only continue to add value for our members but also keep the site free!  For more information about Indie Junction, please go here!  We'll be waiting for you!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!

This week on Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy the theme is "Back to School".  When I began my search, I realized that Etsy merchants have SO much to offer, I think I will have to do several on this theme just to give you a taste of what available in the wonderful world of handmade to equip your children with quality products as they head off to school this fall!

So let's start with some school supplies--one of MY favorite categories!

rice petals - a set of 10 washi-coated pencils by maoiliosa
 BACK TO SCHOOL SALE! buy any pencil set and get a FREE pocket mirror! let me know which mirror you choose in the 'message to seller' box during checkout; if no mirror is chosen, you will receive a random one :) •
10 beautifully hand-wrapped #2 graphite pencils featuring cream, tan, and vibrant red japanese rice blossoms. each unique pencil is approximately 3.5 inches long (no eraser). made with gorgeous, genuine japanese washi paper.
i have left these un-laquered for comfort of use and easy sharpening with either a manual or electric pencil sharpener. the tops will fray just a little when sharpened.
packaged in a gift box, and includes a gift tag for easy giving. this set is perfect for teachers, students, writers, artists, party favours for guests, and more!
design placement will vary on each pencil, but don't worry - your set will be just as beautiful as the one pictured :).

Altered Decorated Embellished Back To School Custom Clipboard for boys and girls and teachers by PigTailsPaperTrails
Its that time again--back to school! These custom clipboards are a great tool for organization. I have one for each of my children and I keep important school information at hand for the week--hanging on the side of my refrigerator. They are also great for doing homework in the car or at after school activities. 
If you would like yours personalized, convo us.
By purchasing this custom clipboard, you will receive one (1) clipboard in your choice of colors, theme and personalization.
The examples shown are from previous clients and we may not be able to reproduce exactly. But we have LOTS of colors and patterns to choose from. You just let us know what you have in mind and we will create it for you!  We can also create journals, binders, bookmarks and many other items to match.

15/15.4 inch LAPTOP/NOTEBOOK SLEEVES by DahliaHandbags

She has laptop sleeves in all shapes and sizes!   I chose the picture for the 15/15.4 inch laptop but you can customize a sleeve for any laptop or notebook!  Additional fabric choices are located at her Flickr ♥♥Fabric Showcase♥♥.   You can view other laptop sleeves here as well!! 

Well, that gives you a tiny sampling of all the wonderful "Back to School" supplies you can find on Etsy!  Hope you've enjoyed this week's edition of Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!  Stay tuned and have a great week!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Indie Junction Featured Artisans for the Week of August 15th!!

This week at Indie Junction, we are featuring three more wonderfully talented artisans: Kim from Among the Ruins, James from Jimbob Art, and Jennifer from Ella Joe Couture.
Let's start with Among the Ruins where you will discover handcrafted steampunk jewelry, gothic jewelry, handmade chains and wire jewelry. Kim, the shop owner, recycles vintage watches, skeleton keys and old jewelry.  In the artist's own words: "I am very down-to-earth and so is my jewelry. I love honesty and simplicity. I love natural raw materials. I love re-purposing old used up things, giving them new life. I love honoring things that deserve honor. Like a piece made 100 years ago on which the finish has worn off and left a beautiful patina - a hint of it's former youth, yet absolutely covered with the overwhelming beauty of having survived the ages. Edges are softened, corners are rounded. It is a gentler thing than it once was, a more valuable thing. There are so many kinds of beauty in the world, each with its own merit and place. As for me, I am most at home with old beauty, found among the ruins...I love taking old things and making them new again. Every piece I design is unique and one of a kind, and is made with the utmost care and passion."
Places to Find Among the Ruins:
Or stop by Chat on Indie Junction and say hi to Kim there!
Now let's take a look at some of Kim's wonderful creations!

Our second Indie Junction Featured Artisan is James Ward Designs who is owner of  Jimbob Art on Etsy, offering a range of original drawings and prints, clothing and crockery. Each piece is handmade and a one of a kind.  In the artist's own words: "I am an illustrator working in London. I hope to create something that is unique and special in each piece of work. My artwork has been displayed in galleries including Shoreditch Town Hall and Stroud House Gallery. If you'd like to commission drawings or prints, please email me with details.  The main focus of my work is Natural History and my drawings have a heavy narrative element. I create these narratives using both scale and anthropomorphising the animal subjects – giving them human motivations and behaviour set in unusual contexts or juxtapositions. The medium I invariably use is pen and ink and I am obsessed with Rotring pens (architect’s pens) as they allow me to produce finely detailed drawings."
Places to Find James Ward's work:
Now let's take a look at some of his wonderful work!

Our third Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Jennifer of Ella Joe Couture where you will find handmade "Petite Chic" designs for your little one! All of these onesies are going to be handmade specifically for your princess or prince. All designs can be made in any size including adult unless otherwise stated in the item description as some of their items are One Of A Kind!  In the artist's own words: "I am a stay at home single mom! My lovely daughter Ella-Joe is my muse, my inspiration, my life and my love. I first started making headbands for her after I found only one in a store that I thought was soft enough for her little head! After spending much time perfecting my headwraps and bows I decided to throw some onesies together. To my surprise and sadness my onesies sold like hotcakes and my headwraps... nada! So, then my focus switched to what apparently the general public thought I did better. Now I am trying to find that balance of doing both equally as well. And, also be the absolute best mother I can! And, learn all the ins and outs of selling my goods online... Looks like I have a long list of things to accomplish! Please come on this journey with me!"
Places to find Ella Joe Couture:
Now let's take a look at some of the beautiful clothing you will find at Ella Joe Couture!
We hope you have enjoyed this week's featured Indie Junction Artisans!  Indie Junction is a wonderful community that brings together artisans from across all mediums in the spirit of collaboration, support and growth.  Indie Junction's new home is coming up on two months old!  Due to changes within Ning and incredible growth of our community, we have moved to a brand new home!  Many thanks to the design team of Nicky (co-owner) and her husband Steph for creating a wonderful site for all of our members!  With this new site we can not only continue to add value for our members but also keep the site free!  For more information about Indie Junction, please go here!  We'll be waiting for you!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some New Listings From Zur Designs

Here are some of the things I've been working on over the past few of weeks!

Delicate Vintage Style Sweetheart Locket

I just fell in love with this vintage heart locket and I imagine it holding two old sepia pictures! I adorned it with accent flowers in lucite, swarovski crystals, pearls, and czech glass and a beautiful swarovski crystal teardrop that gives it endless sparkle. It is mounted 18" antiqued brass O shaped cross chain with an antique tibet bronze swirl hook toggle clasp! So pretty, so delicate, and a bit of the old world to enhance your outfit!!

Bountiful Harvest EarringsThese vanilla czech glass drops surrounded by colorful bicone swarovski crystals reminds me of a wonderful harvest, just picked from the garden. Antiqued bronze headpins hold the vanilla drop and dancing crystals in place and handmade bronze ear wires tie everything together. These earring dangle approximately 1 1/4 inch from the ear.

Fields of Lavender Earrings

I absolutely love these Czech Amethyst Luster Faceted 10x13mm Teardrops and I decorated them with assorted colors of swarovski crystal bicones all wire wrapped so that they dance above the amethyst drops. I tied it all together with handmade silver ear wires and Fields of Lavender Earrings were born! They dangle about 1 1/4 inches from the ear.
Czech Glass Ruby Azuro Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring
Wow these Czech Glass 10mm Ruby Azuro Faceted Rounds are just so brilliant! The rich ruby color and then shades of blue and purple that just sparkle in the light! I wire wrapped this in sterling silver wire and the results are truly breathtaking when you slip this ring on your finger!! I know this because I made one for myself!! The ring shown is a size 7 but I also have one available in sizes 8 and 9...or I can customize a size just for you!

I Hold You In My Heart Vintage Style Necklace

Whenever I lose someone I always say that I hold them in my heart forever. This thought came to mind as I was creating this necklace. I found this wonderful large vintage puffy heart embossed with a lovely pattern and painted a bright orange and green. I added a filigree wire wrapped in flowers, some lucite and pearl accents, and a lovely czech glass flower and hung it from an intricate 18" antiqued brass rope chain. The piece is tied together with an antique tibet bronze swirl hook toggle clasp!

The heart pendant itself is large, approximately three inches so it makes a wonderful statement and will be a favored accessory!

Azurite Malachite Antiqued Bronze Wire Wrapped Ring

I love this azurite malachite stone! The vividness of both blue and green and the oval shape make it a perfect stone to generously wrap in antiqued bronze wire.The result is a beautiful little ring you'll be happy to wear every day that combines a contemporary style and a vintage flair! The ring is a size 7 but I can customize a size that's just right for you!

New Orleans Blues Necklace
The focal point of this 24 inch necklace is the extra large faceted crystal in a deep rich color blue. Add to that an ornate elongated bead cap, an antiqued bronze filigree decorated with vintage lucite flower and swarovski crystal accents, and a large vintage key. The piece is tied together with a wonderful antique brass chain and held together with a vintage style swirly toggle clasp.  I was listening to bluesy, jazzy New Orleans style sax music while creating this necklace reminding me of the rich and vibrate history of that city that not even nature can take down!
Hand Stamped Vintage Style Medallions
Well, I got a hand stamping kit for my birthday and am having so much fun with it! These brass oval tags can be stamped with inspirational messages, names,or personalized in any way. Each tag is surrounded by a cluster of bright flowers and beads and hung on an antiqued brass 16 inch chain. They look good by themselves or layered with other necklaces.
The ones I have in stock right now are:
JOY--surrounded by pink flowers; sure to bring joy to you every day
LOVE--featured swarovski crystals and pearls; make someone you love really happy...even if it's yourself!
SEEK--a great inspirational message for everyone surrounded by a garden of flowers in orange and turquoise
MEH--hehe I love this word...and sometimes it just says it all; features a black webbed jasper rondelle and pretty green flowers.  The size of the tag accommodates three to four letter words best. Just convo me on what you want your charm to say and preferred color palette.

Yellow Flower Vintage Style Wire Wrapped Ring
This ring began with a beautiful yellow african jade stone, generously wire wrapped in antiqued bronze wire, and topped with a pretty yellow flower with a creamy swarovski pearl nestled inside. The ring is a size 7 but I can customize the size just for you!

If you are giving any of these designs as gifts, they will arrive on your doorstep beautifully packaged and ready for giving!  And remember, there is always FREE SHIPPING at Zur Designs!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!

Well, lately I think I've been thinking of the end of summer and the crisp beauty of autumn.  So let's look at some wonderful picks from Etsy that are all about autumn!!  So let's begin!

Autumn Tequila Sunrise Flower Earrings  by Jewelry by NaLa

Lovely hand dyed 14mm tequila sunrise ruffle frosted Lucite flower bead caps fade orange into gold and hold beautiful 6mm fiery lemon yellow and orange fuchsia two tone clear Czech glass bell flower beads. Copper brown seed beads and 4mm AB honey amber Czech glass faceted rounds form the flower stamen. Antiqued brass bead caps, melon beads and daisy spacers finish the design. Earrings dangle 1 1/2 inches from the tops of antiqued brass no lead or nickel lever backs.

Autumn Scene In Pastel by Dale B. Craft
Original pastel of an autumn scene in beautiful bright color-comes framed and matted - actual pastel measures 16x20

This gourd bowl measures 7 1/2 inches tall and 31 inches around. The maple leaves were woodburned then cut out. The many fall colors were then added with dyes, then sprayed with poly urethane.

Visit these wonderful shops and get a taste of the beauty of Autumn!  I hope you've enjoyed this week's Window Shopping on Etsy!  Stay tuned and have a great week!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Banana Sorbet Treasury by Natalya 1905

Banana Sorbet


Thank you for including my necklace in this beautiful treasury!

Indie Junction Featured Artisans for the Week of August 8th!!

Well, let's put our hands together for this week's Indie Junction Featured Artisans: all extraordinary talents:  Woody LooHeadchange, and CreatiKnit!!
Let's start with Woody Loo where you will find Joyful Usable Art using paper mache, felt, and pillowcases!  In the artist's own words: "I strive to create USABLE ART that will make people SMILE.  That's why I draw on pillowcases and not on paper, I recycle paper, plastic bottles and containers and transform them from waste into beautiful figurines and   castles. I love needle crafting felt too, so I make cute bunnies and adorable flower ponytails.   A year ago, a friend's Birthday wish for me was that I would DO WHAT I LOVE AND LOVE WHAT I DO.  Ever since then I've been trying to do just that:  I sit and draw, stitch and explore, creating for kids and kids at heart while using various materials.
I'm unveiling the results on etsy now, for you to enjoy."  You can follow Woody Lou on Facebook and Twitter!
Now let's take a peek at some of the wonderful things you will find at Woody Lou!!

Our second Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Headchange featuring handmade creations of all kinds: vintage prints, antique maps, collage kits, and supplies! In the artist's own words: "Husband and wife.  We live in a secluded little corner of the world. Bristol is nestled in the Appalachian mountains A place were hand crafting is a part of most every family in one form or another.  We spend the better part of our time together making things (sometimes just a big mess)."
Places to find Headchange:
Now let's look at some of the wonderful things you will find at Head Change!!

Our third Indie Junction Featured Artisan is CreatiKnit, featuring a variety of fun, handknit items from apple cozies to beautiful berets!  In the artist's own words: "I LOVE knitting and was absolutely hooked the moment I held knitting needles! It has always been very relaxing for me to work yarn through needles. I am a mom to 2 precious daughters and 1 adorable son. Both of my teen daughters are fascinated by Etsy and are discovering all the ins and outs of managing an online business. With all they are learning, I hope it helps them to one day be independent business women themselves."
Now let's take a look at some of the beautiful things at CreatiKnit!!

We hope you have enjoyed this week's featured Indie Junction Artisans!  Indie Junction is a wonderful community that brings together artisans from across all mediums in the spirit of collaboration, support and growth.  Indie Junction's new home is coming up on two months old!  Due to changes within Ning and incredible growth of our community, we have moved to a brand new home!  Many thanks to the design team of Nicky (co-owner) and her husband Steph for creating a wonderful site for all of our members!  With this new site we can not only continue to add value for our members but also keep the site free!  For more information about Indie Junction, please go here!  We'll be waiting for you!!

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