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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Indie J All The Way! A Treasury by Armored Hearts!

Indie J all the way


Thank you for including Dancing In The Light in this wonderful Indie Junction Collection!

A New Treasury I Curated! Indie Junction in Purple and Black!!

Indie Junction in Purple and Black

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!

 I was taking a look at "From Etsy's Merchandising Desk: October Delights" and one of the trend forecasts focused on a woodland emphasis.  So I decided to take a peek at what our Indie Junction team had created in this theme area.  This is what I came up with!!
Raccoon Hat - Naturally Inspired Beanie in Black and Grey by BenjaminKrudwig

Ah the mischievous soul inside you can't resist this hat. Fun and appropriate for any time of the year!!! 
Sized to fit the average adult-sized head (21" circumference)
100% cotton
*****Ben not included*****

"Smartees" are fun to play with! This carefully coordinated grouping of beads can be simply strung together on a delicate chain; maybe add a few spacers of silver or copper? OR *** MIX AND MATCH *** with other Smartees!! Lots of fun for creating jewelry with. A mix of beads; solids,decorated with silver ivory stringer or fine silver wire details. Mandrel size is 3/32. (Smartees measure approx. 9mm x 14mm)
*** Lazy Cat Beads = Awesome! ***

Woodland Print 5x5 by emelephotography

Take a walk through the woods with this print. Taken in the UK one Summer day you can't help but relax and think peaceful thoughts...
Title – “Woodland Walk”
Image Size: 5x5 inches or approx 12.5cm square 
A white border surrounds the image.
Paper Type – Matte 
Printed on Premium Quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper.
*****I feel more peaceful already!*****

Stoneware Pitcher Amber Moss Green by happylake

A lovely handthrown stoneware pitcher glazed with a glossy amber and moss green. The lower portion of the pitcher has been stamped at the leather hard stage with one of my original stamps.
 This is food/dishwasher/and micro safe.10" tall X 5" wide
*****Happy Lake = Amazing!*****

Peridot Swarovski Leaf Earrings by Jewelry by NaLa

Lovely faceted 4 and 6mm peridot Swarovski crystal bicones are paired with faceted 4mm honey amber AB Czech glass rounds. The beads dangle freely before a backdrop of icy green transparent Lucite leaves. Ear hooks are 15mm x 10mm antiqued brass no nickel or lead lever backs.
*****Proud Member of the "I Wish I Was As Talented As NaLa" Club!*****

Woodland Apple Cozy - Hand knit by CreatiKnit

Want a great way to dress up your apple and keep it from bruising too? Just wrap your apple in this cozy, pop it in your purse, and a fresh unbruised apple will be waiting for you!  Carefully hand knit in cotton, earthy woodland colors with a natural wood button attached.   Would make a great gift for that special teacher or a wonderful stocking stuffer! 
Fits most average sized apples, and is very portable. Each cozy comes wrapped in colored tissue paper and twine! 
Machine wash in cold and lay flat to dry.
*****I'd eat apples all the time just to use this!*****

Bracelet, Forest Cuff, Hand Knit Jewelry by LapisBeach

This cuff is one of kind! These chunky bracelets (about 1"+ wide) are hand knit using 200+ czech glass beads, metal elements and semi precious stones. They are soft and comfortable, yet they are very sturdy. Truly unique as none of them ever "knit up" the same. This one is knit in my Forest Mix.  Forest Mix: Forest: Think of trees of varying greens and soft moss with a touch of earth. Contains aventurine for GOOD LUCK, jasper for HARMONY and goldstone for UPLIFTING mood.  This cuff will fit a 6 1/2" to a 7" wrist. The toggle clasp utilized is silver tone. This toggle is easy to use on your own - but will not easily come undone.
*****Glamorous lady=Glamorous jewelry!*****
Well, there you have it...another edition of Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!  Hope you've enjoyed it! Here's wishing you all a wonderful week...and stay tuned!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Indie Junction Featured Artisans for the Week of September 26th!!

Happy Autumn Everyone! And welcome to another in a series of Indie Junction Featured Artisans!  This week let's give a big welcome to artist/illustrator Betty at nouvelle gamine, jewelry artisan Nancy of NRJewel7 and in2vintagejewelry2, and designer of unique handbags Mackenzie of  Avocados & Lace!!
Let's start with the art of  Betty  Jordan Wester at nouvelle gamine where you will find prints from the artist's original paintings! In the artist's own words: "i create outsider art featuring downtrodden ms moneypennys on interdimensional holiday.   growing up in cardiff by the sea, a sunny seaside town in southern california, i developed a fascination with the seemingly ordinary concealing the extraordinary, smallness in the face of urbanization, & restraint in a culture of excess. my work explores the themes of unconventional beauty, innocence, decay, imperfection, sublimated sexuality, transience, impermanence, mystery, & horror.  my inspirations are: japanese prints, librarians, secretaries, middleclass girls, shy people, beards, pale suits, maladjustment, sea creatures, the supernatural, freckles, ktla channel 5 on sundays when I was a kid.  currently, i live in san francisco with my husband mikael & our beautiful baby karl cousteau."  To find out more about the story behind the work, follow her blog and friend her on Facebook!

Now let's take a look at some of the wonderful work you will find at novelle gamine!
Our next Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Nancy of  NRJewel7 where you will find uniquely designed necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and brooches.  In the artist's own words: "I have a love of jewelry and I love making jewelry. I get inspired when I see a person or magazine ad with a great designed piece of jewelry. I like making unique, one of a kind pieces. I construct some of my jewelry using vintage earrings, brooches, and necklaces. Seeing a vintage piece of jewelry starts my creative juices flowing.  Color is also an inspiration when I start creating funky, trendy, repurposed necklaces and pandora like bangles and snake chain bracelets. I try to add new items each week and I will be adding new pieces using new medium."  Nancy has a second jewelry shop on Etsy for all her vintage creations!  Follow her on Twitter and become a friend on Facebook!
Now let's take a look at some of the lovely jewelry you will find at NRJewelry7:
And here's some designs you will find in her vintage shop!
Our third Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Mackenzie (and Peanut) from Avocados & Lace where you will find fashionable handbags using unique fabrics that inspire creative, one-of-a-kind designs.  In the artist's own words:  "I am a Middle School Humanities Teacher in New York City. When I'm not teaching (or breaking up fights) I'm usually traveling. I absolutely love to go new places and do new things. I love to push myself out of my comfort zone, learn new languages and haggle for cool stuff at local markets. Ideally I would be able to travel the world all day every day. I'm still working on making that a reality though :o) I have a 10 year old English Bull Terrier (a Spud's Mackenzie Dog) named Peanut, who faithfully sits by my side as I work. I rescued her about a year ago and since then she has brought a ton of joy into my life, not to mention a ton of joy to my neighborhood. Everyone knows Peanut and everyone loves her.  I learned to sew very young and grew up doing tons of arts and crafts. I kind of put that on the back burner when I moved to Brooklyn 8 years ago. By joining etsy it has allowed me to rekindle my passion, tap back into my creative side, and help me to connect with new people. I am very happy I have a chance to have fun making some cool purses...and hopefully my arts and crafts habit will pay for itself this time :o)"  Check out her blog for more about Avocados & Lace!
And now let's look at her designs!
We hope you have enjoyed this week's Indie Junction Featured Artisans!  We are so proud to have these talented artisans as part of our Indie Junction community! Indie Junction is a wonderful community that brings together artisans from across all mediums in the spirit of collaboration, support and growth.  For more information about Indie Junction, please go here!  We'll be waiting for you!!
Indie Junction is having a community-wide contest!  It's called Bannerama where we are asking members to stretch their creativity and design a new banner for our site!  It is open to all those who join our community!  Check out the details here!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Made This Indie Junction Blue/Grey Day Treasury!

A collection of Indie Junction Artisans showing us their blues and greys!
Take a peek!!

Handmade Harbor Goes Brilliantly Burgundy!!

I created this new treasury!!

Handmade Harbor Goes Brilliantly Burgundy

Handmade Harbor: Shades of Soft Pink!!

Handmade Harbor: Shades of Soft Pink!! ...


Thank you so much for including my little necklace "Faith" in this wonderful Handmade Harbor treasury!

Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!

The Etsy Merchandising Desk for September names as one of its trends: "The Technical World: It's all about portable gadgets this season and how to accessorize them for function and style. Clever and luxurious plays on gadget cases/carriers, docking solutions for the iPad, along with accessorizing your e-reader are topping the list.?"  So let's make that the theme this week and show off a few of the many gadget holders and accessories!
Digital Camera and Other Gadgets Case by Jolly Little Purse

Very feminine and colorful!  You can securely fit your following accessories in this Jolly Little Purse -DIGITAL CAMERA, IPHONE, CELL PHONE, IPOD TOUCH, BLACKBERRY or just your lipstick and credit cards.  This bright DIGITAL CAMERA CASE is quite a statement.  It will look very attractive around your hand during the city tour or a vacation trip.  The dimensions are: height - 5.5 inches/ 13 cm 
width - 4,5 inches /11cm.  The purse is made out of nice cotton canvas . It has beautiful flowery applique. It is interfaced withFLEECE to keep your gadgets nice and cozy. All the stress points in the bag are double stiched. It has secure velcro closure. 
Handcrafted Bubinga Wood Case for iPhone 3g, 3gs  by Srinc

This is a one-of-a-kind, responsibly made, and beautifully designed case that is as elegant and stylish as the iPhone itself. Our cases are made in the USA by American craftsmen from the finest sources of reclaimed, re-purposed or responsibly grown wood. Each case is infused with non toxic resins to provide strength and durability. Strong and durable yet still very lightweight. You will simply love the look and feel of our lustrous, glossy finishes. And our cases eliminate any of the widely reported antenna performance problems.   Each case is lined with velvet to cradle and protect your iPhone's exterior.
See it in motion!

Apple iPad Computer Travel Bag by Borsa Bella

The Borsa Bella Apple iPad bags are just the right size, not too big and not too small. You can carry your book light, chargers, cell phone or other needed items in this front pocket. 

These compact bags contains 2 BREATHABLE, mildew resistant padded layers. I use a high quality thick fleece and a layer of soft quilted fabric to insure extra bump and scratch protection for your Apple iPad. Because I use expensive fleece and quilted fabric, you will be able to MACHINE WASH this Bag, which is a great, since you will be handling it so much.  iPad Travel Bag measures 11” tall by 9” wide and has an extra large and tall front pocket that measures 8.5" x 9". This protective bag has an adjustable 1” nylon strap that is 31-54” long. This iPad bag fits the iPad with most covers.

Padded Gadget Pouch -- measuring tape print by Siam Square

This new padded case is padded and has a flap that is gently gathered to atchieve the puffy look. The flap is also trimmed with cotton bias tape on the edge.  The pouch has a strap with a hook so you can carry your camera, cell, or other essentials on your belt loop or a bag handle.  Padding feels soft and cushy, and protects contents.  A thick camera and a Nintendo GameBoy snuggles nicely in this cute pouch. Magnetic closure.  The outer fabric is imported from Japan.

Micro Origami Rose Cell Phone Charm - Bliss by Paper Peaches

This little origami Kawasaki rose was hand-folded out of a pink 1.75cm (5/8”) square of paper. The stem is paper-wrapped wire, and the leaves are hand-cut. The cap is permanently glued in place. Please note that the very top of the cap can be unscrewed.  The charm is about 3cm (1 1/4”) tall and 0.8cm (5/16”) in diameter. The cell phone strap is black. If you would prefer one of these colours, please mention it in the note as you check out.

New - Retro Newspapers Kindle/Nook Sleeve by Sakizome

Charming delightful retro newspaper print to protect your Kindle or Nook!  Beautiful handmade padded and quilted case for a snug and secure fit to protect your Amazon Kindle 2, Kindle 3 or Nook. Easy access, fast and easy removal. Perfect if you prefer to read your Kindle on its own without a heavy case to hold open.
* US cotton fabric exterior
* Japanese quilted cotton interior
* Fully lined with no exposed seams
* Interfaced for a sturdy case
* Easy access
* Light (virtually no extra weight)
* Delightful and distinctive
* Spot Clean. Machine washable

These were just a few of the available options on Etsy so if you are looking for cases for all the gadgets that have become commonplace in many of our everyday lives, you own it to yourself to search "gadget cases" on Etsy and there will be no need to go anywhere else.  You will be getting the quality of handmade plus the excellence of service Etsy sellers are famous for!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this week's Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!  Have a wonderful week and stay tuned!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chain, Chain, Chain

So I recently went to visit my family in Rhode Island.  My sister Pat rents a beach house and family from all around visits there plus my sister Jude and her family live right down the road!  It's an awesome opportunity to all get together.  NEVER SAW SUN ONCE!!  But it didn't matter because we gathered to do puzzles and play games and have great meals and I got to use my favorite jewelry bench to do some metal work!

While I was there, one of my family members gave me some of my great aunt's sterling silver links and chain parts.  These were not ordinary silver, my great aunt worked in a jewelry warehouse in Providence, Rhode Island for over 45 years.  Rhode Island has a rich history with the jewelry trade and has long been considered the jewelry capital of the world.  They earned this title primarily due to the fact that many of the Italians came over to this country and brought with them the Italian machines that were always noted for producing high quality materials that led to the superior quality of their finished work.  That's the silver I was given in a big old brown box!!

So here's some of the things I've been making with these wonderful silver components!

Vintage Sterling Silver Chain Necklace With Glass Accents

That's it for now...but I'll keep you posted as I make more designs with this wonder box of jewelry components!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Indie Junction Featured Artisans for the Week of September 19th!!

The fresh feel of autumn is in the air!  What better time to present you with three fresh new Indie Junction Artisans:   Yanessa B,  Nancy, owner of Designs in Stained Glass and Nancy's Bags Etc., and CreativExpressions 76!

Let's start with Yanessa B. where you will find handmade jewelry, paper goods, hair accessories. You are certain to find  something handmade you absolutely can't live without!  In the artist's own words:  "All pieces are carefully handcrafted by myself (well….sometimes with the help of my amazing husband Nick!!!). CUSTOMER SERVICE is an important part of my business, so I will do what I can to accommodate your needs or desires!"

Places to find Yanessa B:
Now let's take a look at some of the wonderful things you will find at Yanessa B...all things lovely!
Our next Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Designs in Stained Glass where you will find handmade stained glass art, suncatchers, panels, and more!  In the artist's own words: "Hello. My name is Nancy and I live in Rhode Island. I have been designing and creating stained glass items for many years. I use the traditional Tiffany stained glass method.  I take great care in designing a pattern, and choosing just the right glass that will compliment the design. It is difficult to capture the true beauty of stained glass in a photo. Each piece will look different at different times of the day and under different lighting.  I have been selling my panels, sun catchers, candle holders, lamps, and other stained glass items at local consignment stores, and gift shops for many years."  Follow Designs In Stained Glass on Facebook and Twitter! Oh and if you live in Rhode Island, you can see Nancy's work at Waves of Creation in Wakefield!
Let's take a peek at some of the work you will find at Designs In Stained Glass:
Nancy has a second shop: Nancy's Bags Etc. where you will find handmade handbags, purses, organizers, clutches, etc... in many different styles.  Nancy says:  "I have been sewing for many years. I became interested in sewing by watching my Mom and my sister when I was very young. I started making dolls clothes then went on to making my own clothes.  Many years have past, our children are grown and are on their own and I am still sewing. I used to make them cute little outfits when they were young. Now I sew items for my home, (pillows, quilts, slip covers, etc.) and a few clothes for myself.  I started quilting about 20 years ago and have made many beautiful quilts for my home and for family and friends.  Recently I have found a new love - sewing purses and bags. I put all my years of sewing experience and my love for sewing into each item that I make.  Everything is made by myself in my lovely new sewing room and smoke free home."
Now let's take a peek at the wonderful work you will find at Nancy's Bags, Etc.:
Our third Indie Junction Featured Artisan is CreativExpressions 76, where you will find a variety of products such as soaps, lotions, sprays, body wash, paintings,  and magnets.  In the artist's own words:  "CreativExpressions76 produces a variety of interesting, innovative and downright fun products! This venture combines interest and talents in art and painting and love of all things that'smell good.'  The result is an ambitious crafting business that produces handcrafted bath and body products in all shapes, sizes, scents, colors and varieties, along with handpainted and designed keepsake boxes, wooden magnets, small paintings...and more! Beyond just making the average consumer 'feel good,' these products are also perfect for organization fundraisers, wedding and baby shower favors and gifts for family and friends!"
Places to Find Creative Expressions 76:

And if you are from the Euclid, Ohio area, stop and see them at:

Studio 76
291 E. 222nd St. #145
Euclid, OH 44123
Inside Shore Cultural Centre

Now let's take a look at some of the wonderfully fun, smell good items you will find at Creative Expressions 76!
We hope you have enjoyed this week's Indie Junction Featured Artisans!  We feel immensely privileged to have artisans of this high caliber as part of our Indie Junction community! Indie Junction is a wonderful community that brings together artisans from across all mediums in the spirit of collaboration, support and growth.  For more information about Indie Junction, please go here!  We'll be waiting for you!!
Indie Junction is having a community-wide contest!  It's called Bannerama where we are asking members to stretch their creativity and design a new banner for our site!  It is open to all those who join our community!  Check out the details here!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!

This week on Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy, the theme is decorating your home for fall!  There are so many wonderful items on Etsy for enhancing your home's a sampling of some things that will help you dress up your home in honor of the fall season!
Fall is in the air by The Joy of Color
These standing flowers will warm up any room with there autumn and Holiday hues. It is a lovely decoration for any room, or your office table. It is a perfect Holiday gift for your mom, grandma, and friend. A gift any hostess will be happy to get.  This listing is for 3 standing flowers on a base. 

With this listing you will get 1 FREE, hand painted, greeting card.

Size: flower about 1.5" High - about 10"

Made out of Das - cold clay painted with Acrylic paint and varnished with protective finish.

Each one of my objects is hand made and hand painted so the one you get could vary slightly from the picture. Each item is unique.
ACEO - Original Acrylic Painting - Autumn Leaf - Fallen by Shirley's Art Shop

ACEO Original Painting - Summer #24 - "Fallen" - 3-1/2 x 2-1/2"

As Autumn approaches, I already have fallen leaves on my front walk. As I looked closely at this curled-up shriveled leaf, I loved the abstract shape it made and how it seems to be reaching out.

ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. These highly collectable yet affordable works of art always measure a standard 2.5" x 3.5". Art Cards are versatile - they can be matted and framed as a work of art, hung in groupings or collages, collected in books, traded, given as gifts, or simply enjoyed as is.

This ACEO is an original acrylic painting (NOT a print) on 140lb. cold pressed acid-free Canson Montval watercolor paper. It has been lightly varnished for durability and is signed and dated on the back.

All image and reproduction rights ©2010 Debbie Shirley and remain with the artist.
Beautiful layers of antique lace, sheer multi color earth tone fabric, five stitch patterns, rust orange wool flowers and vintage buttons top a sturdy tight woven cream colored canvas fabric. Envelope style back also features a wood grain vintage button to help keep pillow cover snug.

Fits a 12x16 pillow form, actual pillow cover measures slightly smaller for a full fit. 

The lovely earth tone fabrics and thread let the textures take center stage giving depth to this nature inspired pillow.

The perfect home d├ęcor item for fall, with a lovely primitive feel, toss it on your favorite chair or bench and enjoy!

Happy Fall... Custom Wreaths made to order... by Woolcrazy

Greet your company with a warm welcome by hanging a happy wreath on your door!

This is a 12" Custom Wreath Made to Order...

This is a sample of the wreath you can order. Grapevine with needle felt decorations, moss and other natural item's tied with a Raffia Bow! Price may vary depending on your request.

Customize the owls to fit your family. I am now making 12" wreaths, if you'd like larger or smaller let me know.

Wreaths are made to your order and are shipping in about a week.

Send a wreath as a gift with a note form you, just let me know what you want it to say!

Well, here's a wonderful sampling of some of the autumn handmade designs you can find on Etsy to make your home warm and inviting as we approach the fall!  Hope you enjoyed this week's Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!  Have a great week and see you next week!! :)

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