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Monday, June 21, 2010

Indie Junction Featured Artisans for the Week of June 20th!!

As we approach the first official day of summer, let's celebrate with this week's three talented Indie Junction artisans: Buddy Noone of  13 Coffin Nails, Jennifer of Simply Inviting Cards, and Frann from Armored Hearts!
Let's start with13 Coffin Nails, your home for all things VintagePunkPop Art... What is VintagePunkPoP Art you ask? In the artist's own words: "well it's the term I came up with to describe the work you see. A lot of my pieces contain some Vintage Imagery somewhere in the mix. What I do is take all those vintage images and mix em with a little grungy Punk spice; finally I toss those wonderful ingredients together with a lil splash of PoP Art. Bake for 60 minutes at 425 and what pops out of the oven is what you see... VintagePunkPop.
"  I've been a graphic designer for over five years and I enjoy sitting behind a computer doing this stuff. I am heavily influenced the the strange and or weird. I also find a lot of inspiration from the past through vintage magazines and advertisements."
Follow Buddy Noone/13 Coffin Nails on TwitterFacebook MySpaceEtsy, and his website!
Now let's take a look at some of the awesome things you will find in his studio:
Our next Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Jennifer from Simply Inviting Cards where you'll find cards, albums, memory boxes, and all kinds of paper goodies.  In the artist's own words: "I find beauty in simplicity, character in imperfection, and charm in the everyday motifs and objects from the lives of generations past. In a world laden with frenzy, I create greeting cards, albums and other paper delights that let you express, share, and preserve your own sunshine!"
Places to find Simply Inviting Cards:
Now let's look at some of the wonderful things you will find at Simply Inviting!
Our third Indie Junction Featured Artisan this week is Frann from Armored Hearts, featuring custom chainmaille jewelry and wearable art.  In the artist's own words: "I started Armored Hearts to explore my addiction for chainmaille. My goal is to offer unusual items, and customer jewelry through Etsy and local craft shows. I love to do custom orders and I have an ever changing inventory of items.  I'm seriously addicted to chainmaille, and have been incorporating beadwork into my work."
Places to Find Armored Hearts:
Now let's take a look at the wonderful designs you'll find at Armored Hearts!
We hope you have enjoyed this week's featured Indie Junction Artisans!  Indie Junction is a wonderful community that brings together artisans from across all mediums in the spirit of collaboration, support and growth.  Indie Junction now officially has a new home!  Due to changes within Ning and incredible growth of our community, we have moved to a brand new home!  Many thanks to the design team of Nicky (co-owner) and her husband Steph for creating a wonderful site for all of our members!  With this new site we can not only continue to add value for our members but also keep the site free!  For more information about Indie Junction, please go here!

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