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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Indie Junction Holiday Gift Guide for the Week of December 5th!!

Well, the holiday shopping season is upon us!  And what better gift, for all your friends, co-workers, and loved ones than a handmade gift?  The quality is high caliber, the customer service is not what you are finding out there at the big box establishments, and you will be giving something that is unique, beautiful, and greatly appreciated!

Let's take a look at what offerings you will find by member of our Indie Junction Community!  Bear in mind that what I am showing here is just a sampling of some of the wonderful handmade gifts available.   So search these shops that are presented here and you owe it to yourself to search our team tag, indiejteam, and rest assured you will find something for everyone on your list!  No driving through holiday traffic, no long lines at big box stores...just a quality experience from start to finish!

So let's begin!
Heart Toggle Club Bag by ArmoredHearts $58.00 (price reduced!)

Well, hope you've enjoyed some of the wonderful gift ideas from our talented Indie Junction members!  Indie Junction is a wonderful community that brings together artisans from across all mediums in the spirit of collaboration, support and growth. We are so proud to have the talented members featured here as part of our Indie Junction Community!  For more information about Indie Junction, please go here!  Have a great week!

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