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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Celtic Knot Sister Necklace

I've been thinking a lot about my sisters two sisters Pat and Jude...and the sisters we have lost to cancer Liz and Cathy. Maybe because we spent Memorial Day together...all of us in one state; having the ability to run down the road a bit and be at another whole part of the family. Also my sisters Liz and Cath's children were there...some of them now have children of their own and it was great to celebrate the lives of these two great women simply by being all together.

Additionally, my sister Pat is working on a wonderful project about sister loss and I have been helping her launch her website which will be up and running very soon. The project is awesome and stems from the fact that when she lost our first sister, she began looking for resources to help her work through the feelings of that horrendous loss and found that there were barely any and what was out there for help and guidance was scattered and fragmented. Hence, the SisterLoss Project was born and she has done an incredible job using a integrated approach. I'll let you know when the website is's going to help a lot of people. I am so proud of Pat.
These were the things I was thinking about when I created this necklace. The Celtic Knot is a symbol of the lifetime bond between sisters; no matter how complex the relationship, it is one of the purest forms of love around. The delicate sterling silver chain holds groupings of beads featuring malachite and swarovski crystals and tiny sterling silver stars.

So this necklace is inspired by Pat and by all my sisters...and dedicated to all sisters everywhere!
The Celtic Knot Sister Necklace can be purchased at my shops on ShopHandmade and UsTrendy and at my Etsy Shop.

By the way, today would have been my sister Liz and her husband's 36th wedding anniversary!

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