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Friday, June 05, 2009

A Wonderful Holiday

I went down to Rhode Island for a family reunion and birthday party for my sister Pat and for me! It was great! My sister Jude lives down there and I stayed with her.

Hooked up with the Hermit Designer who is working on some interesting designs I'll be able to show you later on this summer!

My sister Pat and I went to a great bead store in Jamestown called The Purple Door (formerly Deb's Beads)! I bought some beads for this design I have been carrying around in my head for the longest time that uses two different types of chain and stones that reflect white and blue and gray and resemble what it feels like when you look at the moon at night. Found some really great black-gray jasper ovals to capture that moon like quality and some smaller stones that tie into the theme nicely.

What a great shop! It carries both beads and beading accessories and beautifully handcrafted jewelry pieces. If you are in or around Jamestown this should definitely stop in!

Okay, here's a tiny peek of what this moon necklace is beginning to look like...I am still in the early stages of design but I am soooo excited to show you!

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