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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tips On Making An Etsy Treasury

An Etsy Treasury is a curated collection of Etsy items chosen by Etsy users. Each of these collections are posted on the Etsy Treasury page for a limited amount of time for buyers and sellers to look through.

Anyone with an Etsy account can create a treasury and they can choose anyone from the many Etsy shops available within the Etsy Universe to be a part of that treasury.

Usually these treasuries are themed by color or idea or concept. All the treasuries I have looked at are quite lovely. To your left is an example of an Etsy Treasury.

There are actually two treasury types of Etsy Treasuries: the traditional treasury and Etsy Treasury West. This gives you two opportunities to either put together a treasury or be chosen to be in one.

I ran across some resources that may prove helpful:

  • Rachel Lucie, Jewellry Designs posted a wonderful how-to on her blog. I picked this information up in one of the forums of Indiepublic and wow it was quite a find. Take a look for yourself! Don't forget to view the comments on this post because there is useful information there too! One commenter mentions the Storque Article on Treasuries as a good resource.
  • Here's a Treasury Tutorial from the Etsy Forums by Fishstikks that gave a lot of good information
  • I also found this blog post by Owl on the Sill that was very informative.
  • And once you make your first treasury, you will want to take a look at this post by Jessica Poundstone. I found this on Associated Content (AC) under Lifestyle, Crafts and Hobbies.
  • And I love this article on why we make Treasuries by Etsy shop owner saltandpaper!
Hope these help!

1 comment:

rachellucie said...

hello, just found your mention of my treasury blog post! thanks! glad you found it helpful, and hope some of your readers did too.

Rachel x

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