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Monday, November 29, 2010

Accepting Custom Orders on The Celtic Knot Sister Necklace

The Celtic Knot Sister Necklace is one of my favorite designs simply because it was made in honor of my own sisters, both living and the two that have passed.  It is also meant to honor sisters everywhere!  My experiences with designing custom necklaces for customers has been the most wonderful experience!  One of my favorite customers decided to give her sisters and her niece who had lost her mom to cancer Celtic Knot Sister Necklaces for Christmas.  Through a series of Etsy convos, we designed four necklaces based on what colors would be best suited for each sister and her lovely niece.  I added a charm to her niece's necklace simply because I know how hard it is to lose your mom at any age, and I lost mine very young.  The results were beautiful and the journey was priceless.  After the holidays were over, this wonderful person asked me to design a Celtic Sister Necklace just for her!

Another wonderful customer liked the grouping of the beads along the chain of this necklace.  She had four sisters and the beads were grouped in fours.  A few other  customers simply thought that the necklace was a beautiful way to honor their sisters whom most referred to as their closest friends.

The focal point of the necklace is the Celtic Knot itself which to me represents the lifetime bond between sisters; no matter how complex the relationship, it is one of the purest forms of love around. The groupings of beads and crystals along the delicate diamond cut rollo chain have been said to remind people of the number of sisters they have and can be customized accordingly. Each grouping usually consists of an oval semi precious stones, matching swarovski round crystals and matching swarovski pearls. Delicate findings or spacers are combined with the beads for an overall polished look.  The piece is tied together with an antique toggle clasp. 

Charms can be added to the chain for an additional $5

If you are interested in purchasing this necklace for a gift, simply send me a convo and tell me what colors would be most suitable...even if it's a gift for yourself! Based on details such as color and length of chain, I can recommend a design for your Sister Necklace that's just right for you! And it will arrive beautifully wrapped and ready for giving!  I will include a paper copy that details how I came about creating this design!  Allow approximately two weeks for the creation of this if you are interested, let's start the conversation soon!!

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