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Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Squared by Zur Designs

I once had a friend say to me that he didn't like when people said, "I love you," and expected it in return. He said the reason it bothered him was that it made it too commonplace a phrase, like "see you later!' and wasn't a strong enough expression for what being in love really felt like. Yet he didn't feel comfortable replying with something a bit closer to his feelings such as "you are part of my own skin". It was as if what he felt was beyond love...and saying "I love you" simply wasn't enough.

So it got me thinking about a love like was self-assured, confident, and impenetrable and I started to wonder what a design would look like that would capture that feeling of love. I realized that it would definitely glow.

So I used my shiniest crystal, a round crystal ball that reminds me of a disco ball, and even used my shiniest chain, a diamond cut sterling silver, that glittered in the light. I added shiny charms, one of them a bright red sterling silver heart and some red and clear swarovski crystals dangling from the side.

And I called it "Love Squared". Love Squared is 19" end to end and can be purchased in my Etsy Shop.

Love Squared...when a simple "I Love You" isn't quite enough!!

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