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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!

Welcome to another Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!  For those of you new to this feature, I like to browse through Etsy using certain search words related to a weekly theme and show you some of the wonderful handmade items found in a particular category!  This week I'd like to keep with the trends for January predicted in From Etsy's Merchandising Desk as a guide for choosing our theme.  One huge category of trends predicted is:  Farmhouse references, vintage industrial decor, chalkboard and writable surfaces, vintage cameras, letterpress drawers, and typewriters."  Lots of ground to cover let's split this up into two posts and this week we will cover:  Farmhouse references, vintage industrial decor, and chalkboard and writable surfaces.  Let's begin!
Farmhouse references

vintage industrial decor

chalkboard and writable surfaces

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this week's feature!  This is just a tiny sample of the wonderful handmade items on Etsy under the themes chosen this week! Take a look for yourself!

Next week we will wrap up this trend and look at a few of the many unique items things available in the categories of: vintage cameras, letterpress drawers, and typewriters. I must say that I am quite excited about these categories--especially vintage typewriters!! Lately, I have become rather obsessed with vintage typewriters! :) Take care and have a great week!


RaeoLight said...

Thanks so much for featuring my photo in this super creative feature!! So nice to wake up to.


paula said...

yes, thank you for featuring my clock here, love being included!

deb said...

So glad to do it! I love searching on Etsy to find all kinds of unique and wonderful things!! Congratulations to both of you for your amazing work!!

Andie Illustrates said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks so much for featuring my Snowy Farmhouse Giclee!!! I think more farm-y paintings are in my future!!!!

deb said...

Gotta love the farm-y paintings...and all of your work, Andie! :) Glad you like the feature!

Half Pint Salvage said...

Gorgeous finds! Happy to be included--thanks so much!

deb said...

Very cool chalkboard Half Pint Salvage!! Creative and clever!

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