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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Error Messages From Google Feed

Many of us have been receiving messages from Google Feed over the past few days saying something to the effect of "no items have been inserted".  According to what have I read on the Etsy Forums, this is just a Google glitch dating back to when we used to be able to upload our own feed. Now, if our shops are syndicated, etsy does it for us. for some reason Google is reactivating something and sending out these failure messages, but actually Etsy is still handling our feed for us.  The simplest way to avoid receiving these messages is to delete this old feed since it's against Google's rules for us to submit Etsy items ourselves so the feeds will always be rejected. This can be done by logging into Google Merchant and deleting them here:

If you have any concerns about these emails you have been receiving, here are some resources to check out:

And here's a general forum thread discussing Google Base which includes what happens when you put your shop on Vacation Mode:

There are lots of resources on Google Base on the Go To Great Panes Blog:

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