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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Social Shopping Networks Part One--Kaboodle

I have recently been experimenting with social shopping networks as a way to promote my own designs and to 
promote my fellow artisans as well. Sites like Kaboodle, 
This Next, and Wist have spearheaded a category of e-commerce sites called "social shopping" in an attempt to combine two favorites online activities: shopping and social networking.

In today's post, we are going to talk about Kaboodle.

I must admit, I began using Kaboodle because it is one of the sharing options in Etsy, whether you are listing a new item, sharing a favorite item from someone else's shop, or promoting a beautiful treasury. But Kaboodle has a lot more to offer above and beyond that.  

Kaboodle is a social network based on shopping and can put you in touch with other shoppers who have similar interests in products. Kaboodle also features product reviews, and as you grow to know the community, the product reviews become more relevant since you'll recognize some of the reviewers. A handy bookmark allows you to recommend your own products as you browse the web.

And as with every social network, the more time you take to build a targeted community, the better you will do with Kaboodle.

Additional features include:
  • Lists--whether you know it or not, if you are sharing an item from your Etsy shop or your favorite treasury, you are creating a list on Kaboodle.  There are pre-made list titles such as "Things I Love" or you can create your own lists.  For instance I have a list for items recently listed in my shop.
  • Styleboards--where you can make a collection of some of your own work, or some of the favorites from other artisans--here's an example of an actual styleboard!
Delightful... by triplyksis
  • Blogazine--a great way to help promote your items and those of other handmade artisans; you can create a style board and include that in your blogazine or you can blog about some of your favorite picks!
  • Polls--you can create your own polls for other members to vote can also take polls on a wide range of shopping topics including, "which dress should I wear to my boyfriend's sister's wedding?"  This could be great additional exposure for for your own designs or those of your fellow artisans!
  • Groups-this is usually how I find friends within the handmade industry; by looking at groups that are either related to Etsy, handmade, crafts, or can pretty much find your peeps.  There are groups of all types and forums within each group.  This is a great way to get your links out there, meet new artisans and build your community within Kaboodle
Given the fact that Kaboodle is one of the sharing choices connected within Etsy, you owe it to yourself to maximize the effect of sharing your own newly listed items, your favorite items, or those wonderful treasuries!  When you have a minute, give Kaboodle a try! Oh and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Next week I'll talk a bit about This Next! Stay Tuned!


Jennifer said...

I understand so much more how kabooodle works now! Great helpful info :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Jennifer! Glad it was helpful! I'm still learning new things about it...and building a community over there of handmade peeps will be helpful to all of us!! Love your blog and your products!!

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