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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Window Shopping on Etsy!

Well, maybe my Christmas in July sale (teehee I know, shameless self promotion but I couldn't resist) has got me thinking about theme gifts...I love a good theme when creating a gift for someone on my list!  Every time I am browsing the wonderful handmade items on Etsy, I think of how many wonderful theme gifts I could put together!  Here's one:
For all the knitters and crocheters on your list:
Some yummy Popsicle Rocket yarn from BK Yarns!
Remember those juicy ice-cold "rocket pops" that you could eat during the fireworks displays on 4th of July?
That is what inspired this Hand-Painted chunky worsted weight yarn.
Red, white and blue through and through.
This yarn will be variegated
Yardage: 94
Weight: Chunky Worsted Weight
Fiber Content:
80% acrylic
20% wool
Upcycled and Revamped

Add to that some really beautiful stitch markers TJB Designs!

Add some fun to your knitting experience with this set of six rose and pink quartz beaded stitch markers. The unique marker bead is for marking the beginning of a round. 

As the artist says: "My stitch markers are made with nylon coated wire which gives them that teardrop shape. The markers are shown on US size 10 1/2 needles, but knitters can use them on almost any size needle because the beads will hang lower than the stitches and not interfere with the current row. They also slide from needle to needle easily. The come on a gold plated earring wire for easy storage.  I have coordinated these markers with Rose beaded scissor fob."

Another piece for the theme is some handmade glass knitting needles by Namaste Glass!

Great starter set as a gift or for a friend!
Here's what's available for this collection:
Malt Ball - size 15
Pink with Pink Dots - Size 13
Black with White Dots - Size 11
Bubblegum Swirl - Size 10
10" length, unless requested otherwise.
In the artist's own words: "We having been making durable Pyrex glass knitting needles for many years. We make needles that are meant to last and be used daily. Glass is awesome to knit with, plus they look amazing~"

And add to this a wonderful Par Avion Medium WIP Project Bag by Slipped Stitch Studios.
This is a light-weight cotton drawstring bag that will keep your yarn from rolling around town, and your projects from getting snagged in your purse or a larger knitting bag. I use these bags to separate my projects, and they are super easy to grab when you are on your way out!
Approximate Size:
*THIS BAG IS A Medium 14” x 12” (with Inside Pocket)
Best used for Shawls and small garments (Baby clothing, tank tops, baby blankets, etc)

This bag is made with quality cotton fabrics, and lined with coordinating cotton fabric. The bottom is flat and a heavier bottom weight is used for a sturdier stand up and better wear. This feature sets my bags apart from the competition and shows you my commitment to a well made product as well.

There are so many more items I could add to this theme!!  That's the beauty of's a place of endless artistic imagination!
Hope you've enjoyed this week's Window Shopping on Etsy segment!  Stay tuned and have a great week!!

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