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Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Indie Junction Featured Artisans for Week of January 24th!!

Let's have a round of applause for these next three Indie Junction Featured Shops! This week we are showcasing: Brand New Colony, CUTEure Creations, and Lazy Cat Beads! Wonderful artisans and you are really going to enjoy these shops!

Our first shop is Brand New Colony (BNC Jewelry) featuring very unique handmade jewelry using gemstones and glass beads, vintage pieces, and other findings. In the artisan's own words: "I graduated with a double major in apparel design and fashion merchandising and have just recently entered the world of jewelry. When it comes to jewelry making I am completely self taught, however I am just beginning a class so I can perfect my product! Other factoids about me: I have an unnatural obsession with cardigans, I love to bake, I've traveled to 13 countries and am looking to go to more (any suggestions?), and I put relish on my grilled cheese." You can also find Brand New Colony on Facebook.

Take a look at these wonderful designs!

Our next shop is CUTEure Creations featuring crocheted items for boys and girls, hair bows, and hair clips. In the artisan's own words, "I have always been drawn to the art of crochet. I love how I can create something beautiful, simple, and usable all at once using nothing but a string of yarn and a simple hook. I was taught the basics of crochet by my grandmother as a little girl, and over the years I have continued to teach myself through experimentation and practice. While creating, I keep my daughter in mind. I love functional pieces for children that are also stylish and unique, which is not always easy to find. All of my designs are tested out by me to ensure practicality and ease of use. After all, when it comes to children, a pair of mittens is useless if they don't fit over pudgy fingers and still fit snugly around the wrist, and a hat is no good if it's so scratchy they won't keep it on."

Places you can find CUTEure:

Take a look at some of her wonderful designs!

Our next featured Indie Junction artisan is Lazy Cat Beads featuring fine lampwork beads and original jewelry. In this artisan's own words: "Glass is a passion for me and creating beautiful things to wear is what I like to do best! When I am at the torch I lose all track of time......only the glass and the flame are in my mind. Each piece you see is a small work of art designed to grace your ears, neck, wrist..." Curious to know more about Lazy Cat Beads? Head over to the website!

Here is a sample of her wonderful work!!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit today with these three fabulous Indie Junction artisans! If you would like more information about Indie Junction simply click here. Indie Junction is a place where indie artisans across all genres form a synergy that helps each individual achieve their goals within the handmade industry.


maureencracknell said...

Great picks! ~ I must have missed that you were doing features, how do you get chosen?

Elaine Biss Designs said...

Lovely collection!! Thanks for sharing!

deb said...

Hi Maureen,

I am using the spreadsheet of all members that joined Indie Junction and then separating them into categories best I can and then randomize those you are in! :)

Thanks Elaine! This is something we really wanted to do for Indie Junction members! Such wonderful artisans! :)

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