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Monday, April 05, 2010

Indie Junction Featured Artisans for the Week of April 4th!!

Happy Easter Everyone!  Let's make this Easter special with this week's three Indie Junction Featured Artisans: AJ ofStorm One, Marlan from Marlan Heavy Industries, and Sister Butterfly.
Let's begin with AJ from Storm One, featuring one of a kind hand dyed clothes,accessories,Original drawings,paintings and note cards!  In the artist's own words: "...I like to use portraiture as a part of the narrative aspect of my work since I am drawing from real life experiences and real people. I am excited by the intersection of different media and what happens at the edges of layered images. Influenced by the juxtaposition of graffiti and commercial signage, I paint and draw text as well as symbols from popular culture. My work is a funnel by which the highs and the lows of my life, the distant familial past and current family relationships can be safely explored and relayed in such a way as to spark a dialogue of their greater universal themes.  Always a drawer and a painter I recently decided to try my hand at tie-dye and batik."
You can learn more about the artist's vision by following her blog.  Other places you can find her are: Twitter,Facebook, and Flickr.  Indie Junction has AJ to thank in starting an Indie J Flickr Group!
Take a look at some of the wonderful things you will find at Storm One!
Our next Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Marlan from Marlan Heavy Industries! Here you'll find hand crocheted and hand knitted items like mittens, cozies, fingerless mitts, shawls, caps and whatnots.   Marlan is also exploring the universe of recycled beads to make one of-a-kind stitch markers for knitting.  In the artist's own words: "Literary geekiness galore, yarnwonders, old shiny beads, zombies and random organisms. I study to become a librarian and crochet/knit/whatnot whenever I'm not reading a book or bending words. "
Here are some of the places around the Internet to follow Marlan:
Take a look at some of the wonderful work you will find at Marlan Heavy Ind.!!
Our third Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Sister Butterfly where you will find whimsical treasure, trinket, and jewelry boxes! In the artist's own words:  "I love all things whimsical and artsy. Fairies, four leaf clovers, the power of intuition, and believing in the good of others. I own and operate a small business. In my spare time, I'm a mixed media artist. I enjoy the simple things in life - good friends, family, books, riding my bike, and my 3 little dogs. I truly love my life!!"
You can follow Sister Butterfly on Twitter!  Also, this was a big week for her business, she was featured on Etsy's Front Page and Etsy Finds all in the same week!!
Take a look at some of the wonderful things you will find in her shop:
We hope you have enjoyed this week's Featured Indie Artisans! Indie Junction is a place where artists across all mediums join together to Create.Love.Explore.Collaborate.Support.Learn.Grow!  If you would like to join us here at Indie Junction, simply click here!  Have a wonderful Easter and a fantastic week!!

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