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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crystal Ball Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring

Lately I have been wishing for a crystal ball.  Mainly because I am standing on the edge of change and it'd be nice to look into a crystal ball to see my future self and make sure I landed okay and made the right decisions.  

I have always had this habit when life is about to change, to envision myself on the other side of the change.  Like when I bought my house, I kept picturing myself on the inside of the house, looking into my sweet little pink kitchen.  And no matter how bad the setback and how remotely possible it seemed that I would ever get inside, I kept that vision in my head and it allowed me to do all the hard things necessary to get to the other side.

So I guess that's what I have to do as I come to a point in my life that I am facing change...not really bad change; it's simply a matter of orchestrating a new chapter.  And I've begun to picture what this new chapter will look like, feel like, what parts of my present I'll carry with me into this new chapter and what I will need to leave behind.  That picture is growing stronger and will allow me to do the list of very hard things that will get me to the other side...still wish I had a crystal I made this Crystal Ball Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Ring

This gorgeous handmade glass bead in the most vivid shade of dark blue, surrounded by silver laced bead caps and all wrapped together in sterling silver wire is like having your own crystal ball, right on your finger.

This ring is size 81/2 and will look good on one of your larger fingers for a really bold statement. I can custom design the size to make it just right for you!

Stop by my Etsy Shop and see this ring and some other lovely things!

When I looked into this crystal ball...I saw the ocean!  Hmmm...that's very interesting! :)

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