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Monday, May 10, 2010

Indie Junction's Featured Artisans for the Week of May 9th!!

Happy Mother's Day!  Take a few moments and relax before the day gets too busy and read about our three talented featured Indie Junction Artisans for this week:  Debbie Shirley owner of Shirley Art and Shirley KnitsVoleur de  Bijoux, and Carol from Plump Fairy!
Let's start with Debbie Shirley's two shops! Shirley Art is where you will discover miniature and small format original paintings.   In the artist's own words, "Thanks to Etsy, I can sell small format art for affordable prices without the fees and commissions added by galleries - making original artwork available to more people. Even a little art can have a big impact!  I am an artist, knitter, wife, and mom to 3 crazy little boys and 1 crazy big dog.  I am inspired by nature and imagination, intrigued by color and light, motivated by a passion to create.  I look for the beauty in the details of everyday things, recording the small, the fragile, the inconsequential, the things you may have missed in the rush of everyday life. I am also fascinated by the idea of lifespans - I frequently work from dead or dying flowers, adding rotting fruit to my still-lifes, painting abandoned or decaying buildings. I try to find the beauty in the unexpected!"
If you are interested in seeing more of Debbie's recent artwork, visit her blog!  Here are some of the pieces you will find at Shirley's Art!
And to see how Debbie combines color and function, take a look at some of the items you will find in her shop Shirley Knits! "I design all pieces and knit them by hand. Much of my inspiration is drawn from folk art and ethnic textiles.  I strive to make items that are both beautiful and useful."  You can follow her blog for more information about her knits!
Our next featured Indie Junction Artisan is Voleurdebijoux, a modern boutique with romantic chic and avant-garde jewelry. This is a unique and special place where little things are collected, coveted, treasured and reborn into new delectable pieces of adornment for the fanciful and ardent collector.  In the artist's own words: "I am a bronze sculptor and abstract painter by day and a jewelry designer by night. In my spare time I love to create art, read, write, drink lots of coffee, Etsy, take photographs, watch the sun setting into the Pacific Ocean, and eat lots of brownies. I also, love anything to do with art, music, Paris, jewelry, and fashion.  My creative mind never keeps me up at night with visions of bright colors and beautiful designs. I use these inspirations in my jewelry to give them a unique spark. I am also inspired by the nature around me. I love looking at the leaves and flowers on plants to discover their natural beauty. These inspirations continually fuel my thirst for design.  This whole process of designing and creating jewelry was a dream come true for me. It's the perfect combination of working with my hands and using my creativity to turn ordinary objects into a thing of beauty. I call it my wearable art because I look at each piece as an artistic design. I specialize in distinctive handmade creations with a romantic flare that invokes a retro glam feel. I love collecting unique and lovely vintage findings, pearls and gemstones to incorporate in my jewelry designs. I feel like a little bird that loves to collect bits of treasures and store them in her nest until Spring comes. As the flowers bloom, so do these pieces of jewelry which are incorporated with these special vintage beads and colorful gemstones."
Places to find Voleur de Bijoux:
Now take a look at some of her gorgeous designs!
Our third featured Indie Junction artisan is Carol from Plump Fairy featuring creations using handmade tatted lace! In the artisan's own words: "I am a native Montanan who grew up on a wheat farm/cattle ranch in the wind-swept, rolling hills of Central Montana. I’ve always had an appreciation for old world handcrafts from the days when handmade was a necessity, not a hobby. I try to incorporate the “authenticity” of the old days into my life by cooking from scratch, growing, canning and preserving our food and hand making many of the gifts I give. Tatting is the art of tying tiny knots in pleasing combinations to form a delicate looking but durable lace. It is an old world skill with non-specific origins. Some say it originated with fishermen using knots to repair nets, some say there is even evidence of ancient Egyptians adorning their clothing with knotted embellishments. Tatting was a lost art for years but has seen a resurgence in recent years. I learned to needle tat about 12 years ago and have been tatting ever since."
Places to find Plump Fairy
Now take a look at some of the wonderful items you will find in Plump Fairy's Shop:
Well, hope you have enjoyed our feature for this week! If you would like more information about Indie Junction simply click here.  Indie Junction is a place where indie artisans across all genres form a synergy that helps each individual achieve their goals within the handmade industry.  Happy Mother's Day!!  Have a wonderful day and a fabulous week!


1 cup Cotton said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Stop by my blog to get your icon to post on your blog!

Voleurdebijoux said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful feature! I am truly honored for the special write up. :)

Have a wonderful day! xoxo

deb said...

1 Cup of Cotton...thanks so much!! I am honored!! :) And Voleurdebijoux, it was my pleasure to feature your gorgeous jewelry designs! :)

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