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Monday, May 03, 2010

Indie Junction's Featured Artisans for the Week of May 2nd!!

Happy May!  We have some very special artisans with us this week to start May off on a good note!  Let's give a warm welcome to Michelle from Stupid Cats, Elizabeth from Happy Lake, and Stradbally Jewelry!
Let's start out with Michelle from Stupid Cats.  In the artist's own words, "...Amongst other things, I draw stupid cats with water-resistant crayons, india ink and a little scritchy-scratchy-scrapey-tooly-thingy.  The first stupidcat (an orange one) was born in 2001 in Iceland, and quite a few followed. Then they went into hibernation for a few years, but now they've woken up and are gradually growing in numbers. And they've just found their way to Etsy. Each stupidcat is unique, although when I find one I particularly like I may do several versions of it. Or if you would like your very own stupidcat in the colours and style of your choice, I'm happy to oblige - just ask! I generally draw small pictures, you can see some of my other work on my online portfolio .  My alter ego is a writer called Rose Appleby, who blogshere .  And yes, I do own a cat. And yes, he's a bit stupid..."
Places to Find Stupid Cats:
Now let's take a look at her wonderful...albeit stupid...cats!
Our next featured Indie Junction artisan is Elizabeth Wamsley of Happy Lake Art featuring handmade wheelthrown and handbuilt clay work. Cottage,rustic,woodland,lake and ocean inspired style. In the artist's own words: ".My clay work is done from wet clay to forming shapes on my potters wheel or handbuilding techniques.I make all my own food safe glazes and do all firing in my studio.Everything is created with fun and durability. The living is easy here in the lake country of northern Indiana.My inspriation comes from the bountiful wildlife and freshwater lakes!"
Places to find Happy Lake:
Now let's take a look at some of the wonderful art of Happy Lake!
Our third Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Stradbally Jewellry featuring Irish Handmade Silver Jewellery such as  sterling silver pendants, earrings, cufflinks and bracelets.  In the artist's own words: "We are a husband and wife team who produce quality, handmade silver jewellery. Our workshop is based in our home in Stradbally, County Waterford, Ireland where we take inspiration from our beautiful coastal surroundings."  Take a look at their wonderful blog and follow them on Twitter!
Now let's take a look at their beautiful jewelry:
Hope you had a nice time visiting with our three featured artisans this week! If you would like more information about Indie Junction simply click here.  Indie Junction is a place where indie artisans across all genres form a synergy that helps each individual achieve their goals within the handmade industry.

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