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Monday, September 27, 2010

Indie Junction Featured Artisans for the Week of September 26th!!

Happy Autumn Everyone! And welcome to another in a series of Indie Junction Featured Artisans!  This week let's give a big welcome to artist/illustrator Betty at nouvelle gamine, jewelry artisan Nancy of NRJewel7 and in2vintagejewelry2, and designer of unique handbags Mackenzie of  Avocados & Lace!!
Let's start with the art of  Betty  Jordan Wester at nouvelle gamine where you will find prints from the artist's original paintings! In the artist's own words: "i create outsider art featuring downtrodden ms moneypennys on interdimensional holiday.   growing up in cardiff by the sea, a sunny seaside town in southern california, i developed a fascination with the seemingly ordinary concealing the extraordinary, smallness in the face of urbanization, & restraint in a culture of excess. my work explores the themes of unconventional beauty, innocence, decay, imperfection, sublimated sexuality, transience, impermanence, mystery, & horror.  my inspirations are: japanese prints, librarians, secretaries, middleclass girls, shy people, beards, pale suits, maladjustment, sea creatures, the supernatural, freckles, ktla channel 5 on sundays when I was a kid.  currently, i live in san francisco with my husband mikael & our beautiful baby karl cousteau."  To find out more about the story behind the work, follow her blog and friend her on Facebook!

Now let's take a look at some of the wonderful work you will find at novelle gamine!
Our next Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Nancy of  NRJewel7 where you will find uniquely designed necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and brooches.  In the artist's own words: "I have a love of jewelry and I love making jewelry. I get inspired when I see a person or magazine ad with a great designed piece of jewelry. I like making unique, one of a kind pieces. I construct some of my jewelry using vintage earrings, brooches, and necklaces. Seeing a vintage piece of jewelry starts my creative juices flowing.  Color is also an inspiration when I start creating funky, trendy, repurposed necklaces and pandora like bangles and snake chain bracelets. I try to add new items each week and I will be adding new pieces using new medium."  Nancy has a second jewelry shop on Etsy for all her vintage creations!  Follow her on Twitter and become a friend on Facebook!
Now let's take a look at some of the lovely jewelry you will find at NRJewelry7:
And here's some designs you will find in her vintage shop!
Our third Indie Junction Featured Artisan is Mackenzie (and Peanut) from Avocados & Lace where you will find fashionable handbags using unique fabrics that inspire creative, one-of-a-kind designs.  In the artist's own words:  "I am a Middle School Humanities Teacher in New York City. When I'm not teaching (or breaking up fights) I'm usually traveling. I absolutely love to go new places and do new things. I love to push myself out of my comfort zone, learn new languages and haggle for cool stuff at local markets. Ideally I would be able to travel the world all day every day. I'm still working on making that a reality though :o) I have a 10 year old English Bull Terrier (a Spud's Mackenzie Dog) named Peanut, who faithfully sits by my side as I work. I rescued her about a year ago and since then she has brought a ton of joy into my life, not to mention a ton of joy to my neighborhood. Everyone knows Peanut and everyone loves her.  I learned to sew very young and grew up doing tons of arts and crafts. I kind of put that on the back burner when I moved to Brooklyn 8 years ago. By joining etsy it has allowed me to rekindle my passion, tap back into my creative side, and help me to connect with new people. I am very happy I have a chance to have fun making some cool purses...and hopefully my arts and crafts habit will pay for itself this time :o)"  Check out her blog for more about Avocados & Lace!
And now let's look at her designs!
We hope you have enjoyed this week's Indie Junction Featured Artisans!  We are so proud to have these talented artisans as part of our Indie Junction community! Indie Junction is a wonderful community that brings together artisans from across all mediums in the spirit of collaboration, support and growth.  For more information about Indie Junction, please go here!  We'll be waiting for you!!
Indie Junction is having a community-wide contest!  It's called Bannerama where we are asking members to stretch their creativity and design a new banner for our site!  It is open to all those who join our community!  Check out the details here!

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