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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chain, Chain, Chain

So I recently went to visit my family in Rhode Island.  My sister Pat rents a beach house and family from all around visits there plus my sister Jude and her family live right down the road!  It's an awesome opportunity to all get together.  NEVER SAW SUN ONCE!!  But it didn't matter because we gathered to do puzzles and play games and have great meals and I got to use my favorite jewelry bench to do some metal work!

While I was there, one of my family members gave me some of my great aunt's sterling silver links and chain parts.  These were not ordinary silver, my great aunt worked in a jewelry warehouse in Providence, Rhode Island for over 45 years.  Rhode Island has a rich history with the jewelry trade and has long been considered the jewelry capital of the world.  They earned this title primarily due to the fact that many of the Italians came over to this country and brought with them the Italian machines that were always noted for producing high quality materials that led to the superior quality of their finished work.  That's the silver I was given in a big old brown box!!

So here's some of the things I've been making with these wonderful silver components!

Vintage Sterling Silver Chain Necklace With Glass Accents

That's it for now...but I'll keep you posted as I make more designs with this wonder box of jewelry components!!

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