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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Mother's Garden

So this year, when the anniversary of my mother's passing came along, I wrote a poem and sent it to my two remaining sisters in a lovely e- card. It's a poem I'd been carrying around in my head for a very long time. After sending the e-card, I felt compelled to go to my local bead store and find some elements that would transform this poem and my own thoughts into a design.

I found a lovely swarovski pendant that looked like a garden with tiny stones embedded into the pendant that made the whole thing sparkle. Couldn't pinpoint the right elements for the flowers until a package arrived from my dear friend at Ambient Girl Supplies that contained all these wonderfully bright colored swarovski crystals! I put a bunch of these crystals on headpins and scattered six of them around the pendant; each represents one of my mother's children--six in all. I even used some more guy colors to represent my late brother Rick! Then I lined the chain with some more crystals and a couple of swarovski pearls, put a little sterling silver butterfly charm on one side of the chain and a little fabric flower on the other side.

Making this necklace was not only a wonderful experience because it paid tribute to my wonderful mom but it also felt like I was creating a flower garden in the middle of a snowstorm!!

So here's the poem I wrote to my sisters:

My Mother's Garden

What happened to the flowers in my mother's garden?

Seeds so lovingly planted so many years ago...

Some became parents, others grandparents and

Teachers, leaders, and an inspiration to others.
Some moved on to join her and sit quietly by her side.

All have done their part in keeping her garden growing
By weaving the stories and passing them on to all those
She left behind.
Because of this work she is alive in all of our hearts...

This poem and this design is dedicated to you Mom! You truly do live on in the hearts of all who love you!

My Mother's Garden can be purchased in my Etsy Shop. For a breath of spring or to celebrate mothers everywhere!


mommysdream said...

What a precious tribute to your mother.

deb said...

Thanks! She was a very wonderful person!

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