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Friday, February 05, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Guys

Okay, this is for all you guys out there who no matter how romantic you are in your heart, are still shopping frantically at the mall on Valentine's evening on your way to your girl's house.

For those guys who are going to give the big gift...the one girls dream about their whole lives...that big fat diamond engagement ring...bravo! Best of luck to you and your soon-to-be fiance! This guide is not for you.

This is for the others out t
here who want to find the perfect gift for their special Valentine but may need a little help along the way.

Well, relax, Zur Designs has got you covered! Beginning midnight EST February 7th, and ending at one minute before midnight on February 10th EST, I am offering 20% off all my sterling silver chain necklaces. Refunds will be handled through your PayPal account. Zur Designs offers FREE SHIPPING on all items.

However, if you are later than the tenth, I will still honor the Valentine's Day pricing but we'll have to talk about some extra fees for shipping to get it to you in time for the special day!

Remember, Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year so that turns it into Valentine Weekend and you better be prepared starting Friday night!

Your Valentine's Day gift will come beautifully wrapped and ready for giving so I've taken care of that. All you need to do is get the card!

Never purchased from Etsy before? Click here for instructions that will walk you through the sale!

So let's begin with "Forever and Always"!

This is a simple yet elegant necklace with a ernite colored swarovski crystal briolette wrapped in sterling silver wire and the lovely Celtic knot charm that symbolizes the timeless nature of the human spirit, of love, and of life itself. The 18 inch sterling silver chain is a diamond cut that makes the necklace sparkle! And guys listen up, here's what you say: Forever and Always isn't just a's a promise! I'll write that on a little piece of paper and include it in the package if you'd like!

Okay, for all those of you that just got really scared because you are not quite there in your relationship...STAND's another idea.

"Love Squared"--This 19" sterling silver necklace is the perfect way to express how you feel about your Valentine. It represents a love that is confident, strong, and impenetrable...the kind of love that glows.

And with a shiny crystal ball, sterling silver diamond cut chain, lovely charms including a sterling silver and red heart, and swarovski crystals, this necklace really does glow!

Need another idea? How about "Precious"?
The word precious is defined in the dictionary as something or someone who is highly esteemed, valuable, cherished, dear, or beloved. I love this word because it seems the perfect fit for how I feel about those I love. If that feeling of precious were to be translated into a design, it would look like this necklace. The brilliant Swarovski heart pendant, surrounded by chains of pearls and crystals hanging upon a 19" sterling silver diamond cut rolo chain adorned with pearls. A tiny heart charm and a delicate flower accent the chain. The design is rounded out by a sterling silver bali bail and antique toggle clasp. Give this beautiful necklace to someone in your life that is precious to you!

Not quite right? Then try "Key to My Heart"!
This 16" elegant little necklace sends a pure and simple message! I used one of my shiny round crystals (which I call disco balls), some delicate bead caps, a rose swarovski crystal and a pretty key charm. The pendant is mounted on sterling silver diamond cut chain and finished off with an antique style toggle clasp. Give this sweet necklace to someone who out of all the people in the world holds the key to your heart!

Does your girl have the spirit of a flower child? Then "Hippie Chick In Love" is the perfect gift for her!!

This 21" necklace came together in my mind as soon as I walked into the bead store. Saw the lovely crystals, glass hearts, peace sign charm, and great oxidized silver chain and held them in my hands and said, "hmmmm...hippie chick in love". Great idea for your special little hippie chick!!

Here's a sweet little necklace called "Little Lavender Coquette". This sterling silver necklace with the swarovski tanzanite wrapped briolette and the sterling silver/purple fan charm just reminds me of one of those delicate women in the French courts of long ago. Matching tanzanite swarovski crystals and delicate creamy pearls round out the design. This necklace measures 24" from end to end and is held together by an antique style sterling silver toggle clasp.

And for some shine and sparkle don't forget to check out "Fire Tree". This is an awesome little necklace that will make your girl's eyes light right up!! The baroque swarovski pendant that is the focal piece of this necklace reminds me of a tree and the facets within the crystal pick a vast array of colors that looks like when the sunset peeks between the branches of a tree igniting it with flames of color...hence the name Fire Tree! Added to this brilliant pendant is a swarovski teardrop crystal AB pendant that just enhances the sparkle and color of the design. A simple sterling silver bail holds the baroque pendant in place and both crystals are mounted on a sterling silver chain that measures 16" The design is tied together with a sterling silver antique style toggle clasp. Did I lose you in the above description? Okay, that description = very, very shiny!!

And then there's the necklace I call "Dancing in the Light" because I picture pixies dancing. Perhaps because of the whimsical charms attached along the chain or the delicate nature of the LillyPilly pendant made of soft shell and decorated in beautiful blues and yellows.The swarovski crystals represent the light including some beautiful jonquil rounds, small blue and grey bicones, and a gorgeous jonquil crystal pendant that I attached to the pendant with sterling silver wire.The delicate pearls and silver balls,bali spacers, bali bead caps, and a lovely silver toggle clasp seemed to tie the piece together nicely!
Okay guys, I think you have plenty of ideas here to make this Valentine's Day one that both you and your girl will always remember! Good luck!
Psssst! Ladies! Leave this blog post open on your computer...or on his!!
Happy Valentine's Day!! ❤


trusk4u said...

These are all very beautiful! Any girl would be lucky to receive one!

Pat said...

I have just found you through Link Love - its a lovely blog you have!

deb said...

Awwww...thanks Teresa...coming from you, someone who creates such beautiful jewelry, that's high praise!

Thank you Pat! Link love is awesome, isn't it? Your blog and your artwork are both very, very beautiful!

Thanks to you both!! :)

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